Doing a little wrong to make things right

The Gold Rush era was my time. A time of gangsters, gamblers, and renegades: fortune-seekers trying to make their mark in the new American West.

Mi Amor, Joaquin, had been a fugitive on the run. When the law caught up to him, I was on my own. I stole a horse and rode off along the Santa Lucia Ridge, trying to find every last satchel of gold we hid along the way.

I promised myself, his ill-gotten gains would be used for good, and that’s a promise I intended to keep.

Sometimes in life, you need to do a little wrong to make things right. I may be a thief, but at least I am honest.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Our wine, made from premium vineyards in the Paso Robles AVA, captures the spirit of 1850’s California. It’s a rebellious red, fermented in stainless steel and oak, with notes of dark fruit, brown spice, and a dusting of toasted tobacco that offers you a distinct taste of Paso Robles.
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